In Case You Missed It: San Diego Union Tribune endorses Prop. 54

 August 4, 2016 – The San Diego Union Tribune has endorsed and urged readers to vote yes on Proposition 54, an initiative on the November ballot that will give voters a stronger voice in the State Legislature and reduce the power of special interests.

Below are excerpts from the editorial, “Here’s why Proposition 54 is easiest yes vote of all”:

“The easiest yes vote on any state ballot measure before voters this November is on Proposition 54. The Legislature Transparency Act bans the California Legislature from passing a bill unless it has been available for review on the internet for at least 72 hours…

The Legislature made this measure necessary because of its leaders’ long, ugly history of gutting and amending bills in the final days of its annual session — radically changing their content — and then ramming them through to passage with minimal or no public input or debate.

We’ll be interested to see the ballot argument against Proposition 54: “The public must be kept in the dark because…

The November ballot will be full of local and state ballot measures that require voters to make difficult choices. That’s not the case here. Yes on Proposition 54.”

Read the entire article on the San Diego Union Tribune website:

To learn more about Proposition 54 or to join the coalition, visit the website at