California Redistricting Commission Under Fire For Alleged Illegal Meetings

By Daniel Gligich

Is the California Redistricting Commission – the independent organization tasked with drawing the new Congressional and legislative boundaries – breaking the law?

Charles Munger Jr. – the son of Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charles Munger, physicist, and a political activist in his own right – certainly thinks so.

Munger Jr. wrote a letter to the Redistricting Commission last week arguing that the commission is violating the key California Government Code that governs its very existence.

His interest in the commission dates back his hefty financial support of Proposition 11, which founded the commission to draw legislative lines, in 2008.

Two years later, Munger Jr. was the co-author, principal financial backer and campaign chair of Proposition 20, which expanded the commission’s authority to include California’s Congressional districts.

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