Desert Sun Editorial Board: Vote yes on Proposition 54

Proposition 54 spreads sunshine in Sacramento

Ever wonder how things get done at the state Capitol? Proposition 54 would give us all a better view of the process.

The initiative would require that every bill is published in print and online at least 72 hours before each house of the Legislature can vote on it. It also requires that the legislature make audiovisual recordings of its public proceedings and publish the recordings online within 24 hours in addition to allowing any individual to record any open legislative proceedings.

The Desert Sun Editorial Board wholeheartedly backs this initiative as a huge boost for government transparency. The public has the right to know what lawmakers are doing and this measure will help ensure they have access to important actions often taken outside the current public view.

Proposition 54, backers say, will effectively end the “gut and amend” tactic where bills are amended with original language completely removed and entirely new language is inserted and approved at the last minute, with no public notice.

Every resident of California should expect honest, open government. Vote yes on Proposition 54.