After President and Senate, California’s Voters May Produce Nail-Biters

Proposition 54 – A Much Needed Disinfectant: Soon-to-be-former Assembly member Kirstin Olsen highlights, in her Eureka piece, the trials and tribulations she’s experienced over her 3-term tenure in the State Assembly trying to get fellow legislators to accept more transparency in their legislative actions. She notes that in one instance, “an education bill was passed 15 minutes before legislators even received its language.” Despite multiple attempts by Olsen to create a 72 hour rule – whereby bills could not be voted on until they have been posted online for at least 72 hours – Proposition 54 takes the decision out of the Democratic-controlled Legislature and into the voters’ hands. As Istated in a previous RealClearMarkets piece on Proposition 54, “It is often said that sunshine is the best disinfectant and Proposition 54 will shine a bit more light on Sacramento giving legislators the time to actually read the laws they pass. To most, that’s just common sense.”