Proposition 54 would improve transparency: Letters

Yes to better access

Recently, the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce board of directors made recommendations on a number of propositions facing voters on Nov. 8. One that may have the most significant impact for Californians is Proposition 54, which would require the Legislature to publish legislation 72 hours before taking action.

This will ensure that constituents, citizens and businesses can be aware of actions being taken and have time to provide input.

It’s a constant challenge for those that aren’t political insiders to see what goes on behind closed doors in the state Capitol. Prop. 54 would restore transparency by requiring the Legislature record of all public proceedings be published online.

Prop. 54 would give voters an unprecedented level of access to state government and ensure we’re aware when legislators make decisions that could impact us.

— Paul Little The letter writer is president of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce