Assembly Rules Committee Amends ACA 25 To Remove Anti-Transparency Provisions

SACRAMENTO — The Assembly Rules Committee today removed changes to Proposition 54, the voter-approved California Legislature Transparency Act, from proposed constitutional amendment ACA 25.

Following a written statement of opposition submitted by Proposition 54 Co-Proponents Dr. Charles T. Munger, Jr. and Senator Sam Blakeslee (ret.), the bill’s author proposed amendments that leave the provisions of Proposition 54 in place.

As originally proposed, ACA would have restricted the right of the public to attend legislative sessions, eliminated the right of the public to record them, and relieved the Legislature of its obligation to record and post its public proceedings.

In its current form, ACA 25 would establish new legislative procedures for remote voting, proxy voting and the appointment of pro tempore members in the event of an emergency when one-fifth of the members are deceased, disabled or missing.

Prior to the final vote in committee, the author expressed a desire work with the Proposition 54 proponents to address their remaining concerns, as well as concerns raised by others. Those concerns, raised in the written statement and in Sen. Blakeslee’s testimony at the hearing, included a number of questions regarding the definition and scope of the bill’s emergency provisions.

Following today’s approval by the Assembly Rules Committee, ACA 25 as amended now heads to the Assembly floor where it requires a two-thirds vote before proceeding to the State Senate. If approved, it is anticipated that ACA 25 would appear on the November 2020 ballot and be subject to voter approval.

Click here to read the written statement of opposition.