California Forward Announces Early Endorsement of CA Legislature Transparency Act

February 17, 2016 — Today, California Forward, the bipartisan group working to improve the performance of California’s government, announced its support for the CA Legislature Transparency Act.

California Forward joined the National Federation of Independent Business, the California Black Chamber of Commerce and the First Amendment Coalition as early endorsers of the initiative.

The California Legislature Transparency Act, filed by former State Senator and Assembly Minority Leader, Sam Blakeslee, and philanthropist Charles Munger, Jr., aims to rein in special interests and empower the average Californian in the legislative process.

The initiative would increase government transparency by requiring that all legislative meetings are recorded and made freely available online for the public within 24 hours after the meeting. The California Legislature Transparency Act further requires that all bills be published online in final form, viewable to the voters, for at least 72 hours before the Legislature votes.

“We have long promoted this idea because it reduces the ability of the special interests from having their way with the legislators at the last minute,” said Jim Mayer, President of California Forward. “Giving legislators, their staffs and the public time to review last-minute changes in legislation is a common-sense practice that will improve governance in California.”

The CA Legislature Transparency Act has collected over 25% of the signatures required to qualify for the November ballot. The initiative’s diverse coalition of supporters continues to grow for reining in the influence of special interests and shining a light behind closed doors at the State Capitol.

View California Forward’s press release announcing their support here.