Former State Controller Steve Westly and Sac Metro Chamber CEO Peter Tateishi Pen Op-eds In Support of Prop. 54

November 4, 2016 – Steve Westly, former California State Controller and Peter Tateishi, CEO of the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, wrote opinion editorials in the the East Bay Times and Sacramento Business Journal in support of Prop. 54, a statewide initiative on the November 2016 ballot that will rein in the power of special interests and give voters a stronger voice in the State Legislature.

Below are excerpts from the opinion editorials:

East Bay Times: Steve Westly: “Commentary: Prop. 54 gives the voters a real voice”:

“Prop. 54 requires the Legislature to record every public proceeding, post the videos online within 24 hours, and store downloadable copies of the footage on a publicly-accessible database for at least 20 years.

The governments of at least 69 cities and 37 counties in California, representing millions of people across the state, already provide online access to footage of all of their public meetings.

We deserve the same from the state Legislature. Costs for upgrading the building’s technology would be minimal and would require no new tax money, drawing instead from the Legislature’s existing budget.

Prop. 54 is perhaps best known for its provision to require 72 hours before a bill may receive a final vote in either house of the Legislature — a common-sense and long-overdue reform that will allow legislators to actually read the bills before the final vote and allow the public to weigh in on issues that impact them.

Prop. 54 will also overturn a lesser-known, but troubling restriction upon public access to legislative meetings…

Between protecting the right of individuals to take video of public legislative proceedings, requiring the Legislature to record all of its open meetings, and assuring that the text of legislative proposals is published online and in print at least 72 hours before a final vote, Prop. 54 will greatly improve transparency by reducing special interest influence in the state Legislature…

But it is up to you, the voters, to ensure your voices are heard. By supporting Proposition 54 on Tuesday, we can rein in special interests by shining a light on the backrooms of the Legislature and bring our State Capitol into the 21st Century. Vote Yes on Prop. 54.”

Sacramento Business Journal: Peter Tateishi: “Prop. 54 will protect small businesses:

“By requiring all bills to be released 72 hours before a final vote in either house of the Legislature, Proposition 54 at least offers a window of opportunity for small businesses to weigh in on how proposed bills will impact their businesses and their employees…

A democracy that allows every citizen an opportunity to participate instead of one where the Legislature chooses which public meetings we may and may not see, will be a stronger democracy, and one that will more effectively contribute to a more vibrant economy and stable jobs…

Enactment of Proposition 54 will help ensure legislative proceedings are conducted fairly and openly. And it will allow the business community to know what is going on and weigh in on policy that impacts our employers, their employees and our communities. Please join me in voting yes on Proposition 54 on Nov. 8.”

To learn more about Proposition 54 or to join the coalition, visit the website at

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