Former Democratic Assemblymember Joe Nation: Prop. 54 Would Make Legislature More Effective

August 12, 2016 – In Wednesday’s Marin Independent Journal, Former Democratic Assemblyman Joseph Nation explains how Prop. 54 will ensure a better, more effective Legislature.

Below are excerpts from the article, “Proposition 54 would bring better transparency to Sacramento”:

“Making last-minute changes to legislation right before a vote, and passing bills in the middle of the night away from the public remain rampant practices in California. Special interests use these methods to influence lawmaking outside the public’s view, cutting average voters out of the process.

That’s why I am encouraged to see that Prop. 54, the California Legislature Transparency Act, will be on the November ballot.

Far too often, last-minute deals between lawmakers can drastically change the intent of legislation.

With 72 hours to review final legislation, watch videos of legislators debating and amending proposed laws, I am confident that better and more effective bills will pass out of the California Assembly and Senate and legislation that benefits special interests will be greatly reduced.

This is not a partisan issue. A wide range of organizations from various political backgrounds support the California Legislature Transparency Act, including the League of Women Voters, the California Taxpayers Association, the California State Conference of the NAACP, the First Amendment Coalition and the League of California Cities.

In the past few years, California voters have passed measures to modify the term limits of legislators, to help along the Legislature’s budget process, and to ensure the best two candidates, no matter their party, compete for the state’s higher offices.

The California Legislature Transparency Act is the next stop to ensuring a better, more effective Legislature that works for all Californians.”

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