Monterey Herald Endorses the California Legislature Transparency Act

March 21, 2016— Last Wednesday, the Monterey Herald editorialized in support of the California Legislature Transparency Act, a proposed ballot initiative that will rein in special interests and give voters more access to the legislative process. The Monterey Herald joins a growing list of bipartisan supporters.

Below are excerpts from the Monterey Herald’s editorial, “Bring real transparency to state lawmaking”:

“… We hear the word “transparency” a lot these days, even from politicians. But still, there are constant efforts to shut off public access to government information.

In November, voters may get to weigh in on a ballot measure that would spread sunshine into the state Legislature. The measure is called the California Legislature Transparency Act, which would require that all bills be in print in their final form, and available to the public on the Internet, for a minimum of 72 hours before a vote can be taken.

The measure also requires all committee hearings and floor sessions to be audio and video recorded — with these recordings posted online within 24 hours and available in archives for 20 years.

Requiring 72 hours of notice would give the media and public time to digest what’s being proposed — and give opponents time to make their case.

The initiative, sponsored by Republican activist Charles Munger Jr. and former Republican Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee, would create a state constitutional amendment that would require a statewide vote.

… Real transparency is vital to a functioning democracy. The California Legislature Transparency Act would put a stop to legislation rushed through without public notice, and hold lawmakers accountable for serving the people who elect them.”

Read the entire article on the Monterey Herald’s website:

To learn more about the California Legislature Transparency Act or to join the coalition, visit the newly launched website at