Latin Business Association, Hispanic 100 and La Raza Roundtable de California Endorse California Legislature Transparency Act

June 14, 2016 – The Latin Business Association of California, Hispanic 100 and La Raza Roundtable de California join a growing bipartisan coalition in support of the California Legislature Transparency Act, a voter-supported ballot initiate slated for the November ballot.

Over one million signatures have been submitted and county registrars are currently conducting their random sample count of signatures. All counties are required by law to complete verification of the signatures no later than June 30, which virtually assures the measure will qualify for the November 2016 ballot.

“The public has every right to know what’s in a bill before it’s signed into law,” said Hispanic 100 Chairman, Mario Rodriguez. “The voter-supported California Legislature Transparency Act will ensure that right becomes a reality, and Hispanic 100 gladly supports it.”

The California Legislature Transparency Act would require all legislation to be publicly posted online in its final form at least 72 hours before a vote on the Assembly or Senate floor, require all open legislative meetings to be video recorded and posted online within 24 hours, and grant individuals the right to record and share videos of public legislative proceedings.

The California Legislature Transparency Act is also supported by a bipartisan coalition of organizations including the League of Women Voters of California, the California State Conference of the NAACP, California Common Cause, California Forward, the California Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business/CA, the Small Business Action Committee, the California Business Roundtable, Californians Aware, the First Amendment Coalition, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the California Black Chamber of Commerce, the Fresno Chamber of Commerce, and the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, among others.

To learn more about the California Legislature Transparency Act or to join the coalition, visit the website at