Desert Sun, San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Mateo Daily Journal, and Victorville Daily Press Endorse Prop. 54

October 31, 2016 – The Desert Sun, San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Mateo Daily Journal, and Victorville Daily Press have endorsed Prop. 54, a statewide initiative on the November 8 ballot that will rein in the power of special interests and give voters a stronger voice in the State Legislature.

Below are excerpts from the endorsements.

Desert Sun, “Proposition 54 spreads sunshine in Sacramento”:

“The Desert Sun Editorial Board wholeheartedly backs this initiative as a huge boost for government transparency. The public has the right to know what lawmakers are doing and this measure will help ensure they have access to important actions often taken outside the current public view… Every resident of California should expect honest, open government. Vote yes on Proposition 54.”

San Francisco Bay Guardian “Clean Slate Guide 2016”:

“The state Legislature has a habit of introducing new elements to bills at the last minute, just before a session ends. Rotten special-interest riders hike onto unrelated bills; legislators voting on hundreds of measures don’t get a chance to scrutinize what’s going on. Prop. 54 also mandates that all sessions of the Legislature and its committees be streamed on video. Vote yes.”

Victorville Daily Press, “Our View: Your guide to the props”:

“This measure increases transparency in the state legislature and places the same requirements on the Assembly and Senate as most local City Councils already adhere to. It spells the end to gut-and-amend bills, which is reason enough to vote yes. We recommend: Yes.”

San Mateo Daily Journal, “Daily Journal proposition endorsements”:

“While opponents suggest this ballot initiative would squash last-minute deal-making and possibly even promote lobbying by providing three days of public review before a bill has a vote, it would also allow for more public review and even more time for legislators to read on what they are voting. Legislators could accommodate this change by simply reconfiguring their schedules. It is a small price to pay for more transparency. VOTE YES.

To learn more about Proposition 54 or to join the coalition, visit the website at

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