Prop 54 Overwhelmingly Approved By California Voters

November 8, 2016 – Now that California’s voters have overwhelmingly approved Proposition 54, the California Legislature Transparency Act is now the law of the land, enshrined within California’s Constitution.

No longer will special interests have the ability to keep voters in the dark by secretly slipping last minute changes into legislation before it’s passed.  No longer will the legislature be allowed to pick and choose which public hearings are recorded and which ones are not.  And no longer will voters be barred from making their own recordings of public meetings at the State Capitol  to keep the Legislature’s recordings complete and honest. The voters have spoken — making it clear that they expect transparency and accountability from their elected leaders in Sacramento.

We are grateful for the efforts made by our large and diverse coalition of organizations and individuals who worked tirelessly to spread the word throughout California of the need for more transparency in our State Legislature.

Now it is the legislators’ turn to show that they’ve heard the voters and will take the necessary steps to fully implement these new Constitutional provisions that will bring a new era of transparency to the California State Legislature.

To learn more about Proposition 54 or to join the coalition, visit the website at

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