Real Clear Markets Says Proposition 54 Just Seems Like Common Sense

September 8, 2016Real Clear Markets breaks down Prop. 54’s opponents’ arguments against the measure and explains why Prop. 54 will bring common sense, good governance reform and transparency to the State Capitol.

Below are excerpts from the article, “A Common Sense Reform for Califonria”:

“On November 8, Californians will have to decide how to vote on seventeen statewide ballot measures…

One measure, however, despite the best efforts of the California Democratic Party and their labor and environmental allies, is proving to be quite non-controversial. This one, Proposition 54 or the Legislature Transparency Act, just seems like common sense – and this is coming from someone who is skeptical of the passing policy via the initiative system. To best understand why Proposition 54 is a straightforward, common sense good governance reform, let’s examine how the opponents’ arguments (as taken from their No on Proposition 54 website) hold up under evaluation.

“Prop 54 will slow down the ability for legislators to develop bipartisan solutions…” It is true that requiring all legislation to be publicly available for at least 72 hours prior to a vote will slow down votes on bills for at least 72 hours, but to claim this is a) antithetical to the legislative process and b) a problem for coming to bipartisan compromises severely misunderstands the legislative process and politics. … Far too often, substantial amendments are put in front of the Legislature for an up-or-down vote with mere hours until the end of the legislative session, such as this year’s AB 1613. Even the most adept critical readers don’t have the capacity to comprehend all of the nuances of such amendments in the amount of time they are given. It is a classic “you have to pass it to know what’s in it.”

“…will give powerful lobbyists and well-funded special interests time to launch campaigns to attack…” Sure, requiring a 72 hour wait period will allow people to actually read the bill to know what it does. And some people will not like it and try to fight it. But that’s the legislative process. And that’s why we elect representatives. The real problem opponents have, which include labor and environmental groups … is that Proposition 54 opens the process up to give all interests, including individuals, the ability to voice their opinions before a vote occurs. Deals made behind closed doors are the status quo. A post-Proposition 54 will still have backroom deals, but those deals will have to withstand the critiques of transparency.

It is often said that sunshine is the best disinfectant and Proposition 54 will shine a bit more light on Sacramento giving legislators the time to actually read the laws they pass. To most, that’s just common sense.”

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