The Ventura County Star and The Sacramento Bee Endorse Prop. 54

September 27, 2016 – The Ventura County Star and the Sacramento Bee have endorsed Prop. 54, which will require all legislation to be in print and publicly posted online in its final form at least 72 hours before it may pass out of either house of the State Legislature, require the legislature to record all public hearings and post recordings online within 24 hours, and give the public the right to record public proceedings.

Below are excerpts from the endorsements.

Ventura County Star: Prop. 54 deserves yes vote”:

“We support the proposition and urge a yes vote on 54, the Legislature Transparency Act.

And we blame the leaders of the California Legislature for the need to write into the state Constitution how they should conduct their business…

Vote yes on Proposition 54.”

Read the entire article on the Ventura County Star website:

Sacramento Bee: “Prop. 54 is right call for more transparency at Capitol”:

“Giving the public more power to peer into the murkiness of state politics is generally a good thing. And so we find it hard to object to Proposition 54, which would slow the last-minute surge of bills that get shoved through the Legislature every year, usually with nowhere near enough scrutiny.

A “yes” vote would tackle this affront to transparency by prohibiting a vote on legislation unless it has been in print and published online for at least 72 hours.”

Read the entire article on the Sacramento Bee website:

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