San Luis Obispo Tribune Op-ed by Sam Blakeslee and John Ewan: “Stop the Cloud of Secrecy in the California Legislature”

October 28, 2016 –  Former State Senator Sam Blakeslee and former San Luis Obispo City Council member John Ewan opined in the San Luis Obispo Tribune in support of Prop. 54.  In addition, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune has published a letter to the editor authored by Paul Little, President of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.

Below are excerpts from the op-ed:  “Stop the cloud of secrecy in the California Legislature: Vote Yes on Prop. 54.”

“Most Americans agree that if we are to preserve our “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” it is essential that our elected representatives operate in an open and transparent manner.

This sounds like common sense. But here in California, our state Legislature has been operating under a cloud of secrecy for some time by routinely allowing proposed laws to be completely rewritten, or “gutted and amended,” at the last minute and then passed and signed into law within hours without a chance for most legislators and the public to read the bills. This is simply unacceptable — and it is the main reason we strongly urge voters to support Proposition 54 on the November ballot…

Proposition 54 is not partisan — it affects all political efforts the same by leveling the playing field for all Californians to have equal access to our state’s legislative process. That is why it is endorsed by most major California newspapers and a growing and very diverse coalition representing voters from across the political spectrum, including: the League of Women Voters of California, the California State Conference of the NAACP, League of California Cities, California Common Cause, California Forward, the California Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business/CA, the Small Business Action Committee, the Latin Business Association, the California Business Roundtable, California Planning and Conservation League, Californians Aware, the California Senior Advocates League, the First Amendment Coalition, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, CalTax and many others.

With thousands of new laws being proposed each session, and with major changes happening at the last minute, Proposition 54 will shine a light on Sacramento by finally reining in the power of special interests and returning it to the people where it rightfully belongs. We hope you will join us by voting yes on Proposition 54.”

Click here to read the entire opinion editorial in the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Additionally, Paul Little, President of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, submitted a letter to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune explaining why Prop 54 is the most important measure on the ballot.

Below are excerpts from the letter to the editor: “Proposition 54 would improve transparency: Letters”:

Yes to better access

“Recently, the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce board of directors made recommendations on a number of propositions facing voters on Nov. 8. One that may have the most significant impact for Californians is Proposition 54, which would require the Legislature to publish legislation 72 hours before taking action…

It’s a constant challenge for those that aren’t political insiders to see what goes on behind closed doors in the state Capitol. Prop. 54 would restore transparency by requiring the Legislature record of all public proceedings be published online.”

Click here to read the entire letter to the editor in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

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