Coalition Letters

A diverse coalition of groups wrote a letter to California’s Legislature on December 2, 2016, volunteering to assist the Legislature as it implements reforms required by Prop. 54 to make the Legislature more transparent. These groups had endorsed Prop. 54 in the election and, now that it’s been enacted, want to help ensure it’s implemented correctly.

Read the Dec. 2, 2016 letter here

Later, after the Legislature adopted rules contrary to the Prop. 54 requirements, the coalition wrote another letter, on April 3, 2017, asking the Legislature to correct its rules and again offering to assist in carrying out the new Prop. 54 requirements.

Read the April 3, 2017 letter here

Roughly two months later, in June 2017, the State Assembly passed more than 50 bills without observing the constitutional requirement that legislation must be printed, distributed to members, and published on the Internet at least 72 hours before a final vote. This is in clear violation of the transparency laws enacted by Prop. 54.

Since the Assembly’s bills are now pending in the Senate, the coalition wrote a letter alerting the leader of the Senate to the fact that these bills are constitutionally deficient. The coalition also wrote a letter to the Governor to inform the Governor of these issues.

Read the June 7, 2017 letter to President pro Tempore of the Senate here

Read the June 7, 2017 letter to the Governor here