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California Should Adopt Guidelines for Government Transparency During an Emergency

Common Cause Statement by Jonathan Mehta Stein, Executive Director of California Common Cause “As COVID-19 reshapes how we live and work, alters education for millions of children and disrupts our economy, it has become even more clear that we need accountable state and local governments that make transparent decisions.” “Today we are releasing a statement […]



ACA25 is wrong for California

THE SUN By JON COUPAL Times are strange indeed when the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association finds itself fighting on the same side as left-leaning organizations such as Voices for Progress, Common Cause and the ACLU. The saying that politics makes for strange bedfellows is never more true than in times of crisis and confusion. When the […]


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Would ACA 25 Greenlight a Legislative Power Grab During State of Emergency?

Pacific Research Institute JUNE 15, 2020 TIM ANAYA Kiefer Sutherland taught us in “Designated Survivor” the importance of having strong processes in place to ensure continuity of government during an extreme crisis. Spurred on by the coronavirus, lawmakers are trying to put a legislative emergency contingency plan in the State Constitution. If approved by voters, Assembly […]



Two wins for governmental transparency

CAL MATTERS By Dan Walters, June 11, 2020 Advocates of governmental transparency have scored two recent wins in their perpetual battles with California’s political officials. One victory, a May 28 state Supreme Court ruling, is especially timely since it stemmed from the fatal police shootings of two unarmed black men in 2014, Michael Brown in Ferguson, […]



Lack of Transparency in Our State Government

Fox&Hound By T Keith Gurnee Former Mayor of Chicago and former Chief of Staff to Pres. Obama, Rahm Emanuel, once said “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” By exploiting the chaos presented by the coronavirus crisis, our state legislature is doubling down on that statement. Legislators are pushing a flurry of wrongheaded housing bills […]


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