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Lawmakers to Californians: Do as we say, not as we do

Los Angeles Daily News Laurel Rosenhall, CALmatters, November 16, 2017 With a declaration that “public servants best serve the citizenry when they can be candid and honest without reservation in conducting the people’s business,” lawmakers passed the California Whistleblower Protection Act in 1999. The idea was to protect workers who report misconduct, so that they […]


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Californians are mobilizing against new taxes

Lincoln News Messenger Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, September 25, 2017 A few weeks ago, as the Legislature was wrapping up its final business of 2017, the Speaker of the Assembly hailed this year as the most “progressive” in California history. Now, I often do not agree with the Speaker. But in at least one sense, this […]



What a difference three days makes: How voters shook up California’s Legislature

CALmatters Laurel Rosenhall, September 20, 2017 Something was different this year. As lawmakers in Sacramento approached the last night of their session—the final opportunity to pass or kill bills for the year—they had had three days to figure out how to vote. Three days may not sound like much, given the magnitude of the decisions […]



72-hour rule sparks a shift at the Capitol

Los Angeles Times By John Myers, September 14, 2017 Change in public review period on legislation means fewer bills are amended before Legislature adjourns. For years, California’s most powerful interest groups relied on what they could pull off once night fell on the state Capitol in the final hours of every legislative year. A flurry […]


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What’s the rush? California Legislature reaches its new deadline

Sacramento Bee By Jim Miller and Christopher Cadelago, September 12, 2017 Last-minute amendments have defined the final days of California legislative sessions as much as lawmakers’ busy fundraising calendars and Capitol hallways jammed with lobbyists. Some amendments involved wholesale changes to a bill, with the measures coming up for votes only hours later, if that. […]


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