What They Are Saying …

Helen Hutchison, President, League of Women Voters of California

“As longtime advocates for open government, the League of Women Voters supports Proposition 54. The League believes that our democracy is stronger when more people participate, that in order to have meaningful participation, we need to have adequate notice of actions, open meetings, and access to public records. Having advance notice of the content of bills slated for legislative action and recordings of legislative proceedings available in a timely fashion greatly enhances active public participation.”

Kathay Feng, Executive Director, California Common Cause

“Proposition 54 helps further the mission of Common Cause by creating a more open, honest, and accountable government.  It will empower the public to participate and have their voices heard in our political process.”

James P. Mayer, President and CEO, California Forward

“Giving legislators, their staff, and the public time to review last-minute changes in legislation is a common-sense practice that will improve governance in California.”

Allan Zaremberg, President and CEO, California Chamber of Commerce

“When legislation that affects jobs and the economy is decided upon by only a select few and passed in the dead of night, it can create significant obstacles for business growth which impacts real people. CalChamber supports Proposition 54, which will create transparency in the legislative process.”

Alice Huffman, President, California State Conference of the NAACP

“Giving all people the opportunity to review, debate, and contribute to laws that impact us is our goal – a goal that will be furthered by passage of Proposition 54.”

Howard Penn, Executive Director, California Planning and Conservation League

“Far too often, our environmental laws are skirted by legislation written by powerful special interests in Sacramento and passed at the last minute before legislators and the public have the opportunity to read it. That’s why we’re urging voters to vote yes on Prop 54, so that Californians can continue to rely on the environmental safeguards we have in place to protect our air, water, and quality of life.”

Ruben Guerra, Chairman, Latin Business Association

“Qualification of Proposition 54 finally gives voters the opportunity to improve the way business is done at our State Capitol, helping ensure lawmakers and the public have ample time to review bills before they are signed into law.”

Mario Rodriguez, Hispanic 100

“The public has every right to know what’s in a bill before it’s signed into law. The voter-supported Proposition 54 will ensure that right becomes a reality, and Hispanic 100 gladly supports it.”

Tom Scott, State Director, National Federation of Independent Business-California

“Every single day small businesses face the threat of additional legislation and regulation from Sacramento which often add to the cost of doing business in California. Greater transparency in the Legislature is necessary to help level the playing field and protect small business.”

Jon Coupal, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

“Proposition 54 will help ensure taxpayers are protected against costly, ill-advised legislation that is all too often rushed through the process without proper vetting and debate. This measure will bring every new proposal into the light of day so the public, and not just the special interests, have a chance to weigh in.”

Teresa Casazza, President and CEO, California Taxpayers Association

“With this initiative, voters finally have a chance to stop the political games that have allowed many flawed anti-taxpayer proposals to be approved in near-secrecy, with no regard for public input and no video archive that could be used to hold the politicians accountable. This measure will reform our state government, bring the lawmaking process out of the shadows, and put the politicians’ actions on the Internet for all the world to see.”

Chris McKenzie, Executive Director, League of California Cities

“Open government is the foundation of a healthy democracy and that’s why we’re urging Californians to vote yes on Prop 54 this November.  Decisions by the Legislature can affect the lives of millions of Californians, so ensuring that a bill must be in print for at least 72 hours will provide an opportunity for more voices to be heard and legislators time to make more informed decisions.”

Gary Toebben, President and CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

“The Los Angeles business community relies on our elected lawmakers to represent our best interests at the State Capitol. Too often, major changes happen last minute, taking away the public’s ability for thorough review. Proposition 54 will shed daylight on the legislative process and allow everyone an equal opportunity to weigh in before legislation gets passed.”

Nathan Ahle, President and CEO, Fresno Chamber of Commerce

“Too often legislation that impacts jobs, our economy, and families is passed with little to no chance for public input or discussion, which can lead to negative consequences. Proposition 54 will help ensure all Californians have access to our legislative process, which will ultimately lead to better policies for our state.”

Deborah Howard, Executive Director, California Senior Advocates League

“Proposition 54 will put an end to the last minute ‘gut and amend’ tactic used by special interests and legislators to move legislation without legislative review or public discussion. The practice is insulting to voters and contemptuous of the legislative process. The California Senior Advocates League enthusiastically supports this initiative and looks forward to a more open in inclusive discussion on ALL legislative proposals.”

Rob Lapsley, President, California Business Roundtable

“Proposition 54 is a simple but critically important reform. It mandates that the public can actually read proposed laws before they are voted on. This will help ensure good public policy for all Californians.”

Stuart Waldman, President, Valley Industry Commerce Association

“For far too long, new laws have been passed without review and input by the very people they impact. Proposition 54 will finally give all Californians the ability to access their legislative process and to have a voice in that process.”

Peter Tateishi, President and CEO, Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

“Too many costly mandates on small businesses are passed without a fair discussion of their impacts.  Proposition 54 improves transparency by at least offering a window of opportunity to speak on how proposed bills will affect not only businesses but also the employees they are supposed to help.”

Peter Scheer, First Amendment Coalition

“The First Amendment Coalition has long opposed the California Legislature’s practice of voting on bills, submitted or materially amended at the last minute, before members have had a chance to read and understand them, and without any opportunity for the press and public to weigh in. Such practices, effectively substituting secret lawmaking for an open legislative process, make a mockery of democracy. Proposition 54 would curb these abuses by requiring that that all bills, in their final form, be published in full text on the internet for at least 72 hours before the Legislature can vote on them.”


“Proposition 54 strengthens voters’ ability to hold their elected representatives accountable. Our state governing body is now one step closer to becoming more open and transparent to voters.”

Terry Francke, Founder, Californians Aware

“These changes will transform public awareness of and participation in California’s legislative process in three modest but long overdue ways. The 72-hour sunshine rule will end the majority’s ability to rush a pig in a poke to the Governor’s desk at the end of the legislative year, with many if not most lawmakers and the entire public unaware of what’s being voted on. The electronic recording and archiving of all committee and floor proceedings will add unprecedented context to the record of how bills were understood and intended at the time of passage—an often key issue for the courts that must interpret them—as well as opening the public’s window on every hearing and debate, not just those the leadership wants to showcase. And the new citizen spectators’ right to make their own video and audio recording of these hearings and debates will subject lawmakers to the same eyewitness exposure they’ve imposed on state and local bodies for decades under the Brown Act.”

Jerry Sanders, President and CEO, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

“The San Diego Regional Chamber supports Proposition 54 to help ensure all Californians have access to their legislative process and are provided the opportunity to weigh in on the important issues that impact them.”

Matthew Mahood, President and CEO, San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce

“Prop. 54 will ensure the time and opportunity for all Californians to properly review and comment on proposed laws, resulting in better policies for our state.”

 Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose

“Over the past decade, San Jose’s pioneering transparency laws have helped ensure that the public has the opportunity to meaningfully engage in important decisions facing our community. Proposition 54 will apply these same open government principles to our state’s legislative process and help promote a stronger and more informed democracy.”

 Scott Mann, Mayor of Menifee

“It’s just common sense that the public and legislators should have at least 72 hours to review proposed legislation before it’s voted upon and signed into law.  Far too often, laws are secretly passed at the last minute in Sacramento that have far reaching impacts on our communities with no opportunity for the public to weigh in.  Proposition 54 will hold our state legislators to the same level of accountability and transparency that voters expect from their city and county elected officials and I strongly encourage voters to approve it this November.”